meth residue test kits for surfaces

Meth Contamination

Meth Production on the Increase - Process Releases Chemicals Throughout the Property

While we often hear about the opioid crisis infiltrating  America, we must not forget that crystal meth continues to ravage our communities, further perpetuating health and economic burdens.  The manufacture of meth has caused billions of dollars in property damage and most importantly, has become a health hazard to people through use and subsequent contamination in homes.

Meth Production Health Concerns - Meth Lab Indicators

During the meth manufacturing process, chemical compounds become airborne (volatilized) and settle out, depositing onto walls, ceilings, appliances, floors, carpets and other typical house hold items though out the structure's interior.  In addition, chemicals used to make the illegal drugs may be spilled during handling.  Meth can also be distributed through the use of the drug.  The presence of these chemicals may pose health threats to occupants and potential liability to property owners.  Due to the seriousness of this problem, close to two dozen states have adopted regulatory testing and decontamination standards and many more will follow suit before the end of the decade.

Meth Contamination Screenings - Meth "Marker"

Many of the properties that are identified as former meth labs are discovered through means other than by law enforcement.  Contamination is often discovered during a property assessment in response to health complaints by occupants, health department listings, information from neighbors regarding a prior occupant or as part of a real estate transaction.  Meth screenings are often conducted in these cases to gain information regarding potential meth contamination at the property. Properties are tested for potential contamination by sampling for methamphetamine - the "marker".

Meth Lab Cleanup Company now offers several meth residue test kits for screening suspect properties.  AccuMeth® brand kits provide reliable on-site, instant meth test results.  MethAsssure® samples are sent to a laboratory for analysis.  And, Black Box Reader® is used with AccuMeth® brand kits for digital  quantification of on-site testing.